n Final Acceptance List For 2013 Circuit Uploaded-Please Check
Congratulations to all the successful entrants and thanks to all participants

Grand Digital Circuits are sponsored by the Photolovers group which has so far organized nine International Circuits, without any break, very successfully. Photolovers Circuits are the largest Circuits in India with three judgings and five sections. Last five Catalogues of the Photolovers Circuits have been awarded FIVE STAR category by the FIAP, unmatched in India.
Grand Digital Circuits are International Circuits and so far two Circuits have so far been organized and presently the third Circuit, 2013 is now open for submission of entries. There are FOUR participating Clubs with four independent jury; each judging is with FOUR sections.
The 2013 Grand Digital Circuit is recognized by the Photographic Society of America and has got the valuable patronage of the FIAP also. The Circuit is also approved by the Federation of Indian Photography.